Dana Mangoush

Dana Mangoush

Community Leader, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Alien Connector

Specialties:  Birth Charts, Astrology Reading, Tarot Card Q&A, Alien and Starseed Connections

Clients who Benefit:   Those who are curious about their purpose in life, want to learn about their path and how they can maximize their natural Gifts.

Dana is a born leader in her generation.  Wise beyond her years, she's able to translate Universal messages into easy-to-understand concepts.  Moving into 5D Consciousness, the Intuitive profession chose her as a Conduit to transmute higher frequencies to All.  She's committed in providing guidance to the heart, mind, and soul. Blessed with her intuitive gifts, she can help you remember the greater perspective, and give clarity to any question, from a place of love.

Featuring Galactic Channeling

Ever feel like you are not quite from planet Earth? Maybe you've been having visions of the galaxy or other dimensional Beings. Perhaps you feel like there's something bigger or a higher purpose to life.

During this 15-minute session, I provide descriptions of your Galactic family.  Together, we connect with your Starseed family through your heart chakra.  Let's take a journey into higher Consciousness.  Bring your questions.

Please note, 2 questions can generally be asked during this time or I can channel general messages to you.

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Reading with Dana Mangoush

15 Minute Tarot/ Oracle Read

Need clarity in relationship, direction, or purpose? Connect via Zoom.  Generally, 2 questions can be covered in a 15 minute session.

Birth Charts

Ever wonder why you do the things you do?  Learn your natural abilities and weaknesses.  Birth charts helps you move through life effortlessly.

Astrology Reading

Want to know how current Universal Consciousness energy is impacting your life?  Get the latest information so you can more forward with ease!


Group Coaching